The R&R Program is a program developed to rcognize and reward both the small, short-term accomplishments, as well as the long-term, sustained accomplishments of our youth. We want to work with parents, councilors, educators and kids to develop The Honor System, and look forward to launching it as soon as possible.

Educators and counselors have tried to crack the code, and figure out the formula that will help motivate an otherwise unmotivated kid to focus on their education.  It’s tough, because in many cases, it's not a matter of the child's abilities or with them connecting with the methods used in the classroom.  A lot of times it simply comes down to fact that they have no one who cares enough to help them outside of the classroom.  When a child feels as if no one else cares about how they do in school, they will start to no longer care about how they do in school either.  These kids are the absolute hardest to reach and motivate. 

At YAWI we believe that just maybe if these kids knew that someone had their back, or if someone cared about how they were doing in school, we would start to see positive changes in behavior.  If they just had someone they were excited about showing a report card to, and who might honor their hard work and accomplishments, even if it was just bringing an “F” to a “C”, they would put in the effort.  If the kids get a taste of what it’s like to succeed, they may start trying harder to do so, and eventually they’ll get to the point where trying harder simply becomes a normal routine.  

More often than not, bad grades and bad behavior come hand in hand.   A lot of “bad” kids are really just good kids with self-low-esteem doing what they feel is expected from them.  Being there for these kids and showing them that positive behavior produces positive rewards is very important to YAWI.