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Our mission is to educate teens and young adults to make smart decisions, encourage them to overcome adversity and empower them to become strong leaders of tomorrow.

Bill's Story
My name is Bill Baldridge. I was injured in a drinking and driving accident on Oct. 19, 1996 and hospitalized for 22 months. Two of my friends lost their lives and I eventually lost both legs due to this event. This devastation and sorrow happened in the blink of an eye and was caused by one careless decision to be irresponsible when using alcohol.
I truly believe that sharing my story is my God given purpose. The power of communication has helped me to heal from the loss of my friends and former self. I recognize this an opportunity to help other victims by giving them an opportunity to share their stories and warn against being irresponsible when impaired.
The YAWI Way

The reaction of the young people when they are shown love and attention inspired the development of these empowerment programs. They are deisgned to change lives through encouragement and rewards.

Living Examples

R&R Program

Exceptional People


Seatbelts Save Lives!

Destination Zero Deaths
Young Driver Programs Promoting Highway Safety in Louisiana

You Are Worth It is officially approved as a Young Driver Program Promoting Highway Safety in Louisiana. We are proud to be working with the Northeast Louisiana Highway Safety Partnership and a... more

Our First Grant
Thank you to The Allstate Foundation and Allstate volunteer JONATHAN WILLHITE for being a positive force for change by volunteering with us. We appreciate your efforts that enabled us... more
Carson Jones

We would like to congratulate Carson Jones from West Monroe High School for winning one of our ... more


YAWI for the first time at Woodlawn Junior High. 

We are excited to be partnering with churches in West Ouachita to bring YAWIMANIA to Seeker Springs for an awesome 5th Quarter event!!!

Bringing YOU ARE WORTH IT to 560 students at Calhoun Middle School. 

YAWI Merch

All t-shirts are $30 with free ground shipping to the lower 48