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Our mission is to caution teens and young adults against drinking and driving, encourage them to decide on a career path, and to motivate them to reach their full potential.

Bill's Story
My name is Bill Baldridge. I was injured in a drinking and driving accident on Oct. 19, 1996 and hospitalized for 22 months. Two of my friends lost their lives and I eventually lost both legs due to this event. This devastation and sorrow happened in the blink of an eye and was caused by one careless decision to be irresponsible when using alcohol.
I truly believe that sharing my story is my God given purpose. The power of communication has helped me to heal from the loss of my friends and former self. I recognize this an opportunity to help other victims by giving them an opportunity to share their stories and warn against being irresponsible when impaired.
The YAWI Way

The reaction of the young people when they are shown love and attention inspired the development of these empowerment programs. They are deisgned to change lives through encouragement and rewards.

Living Examples

R&R Program

Exceptional People


Blog Posts

Lakeside High School Donation
Donation from Lakeside High School

Lakeside High School raised $369 in support of paying the YAWI message forward. This much needed donation will allow us to reach many students in the upcoming year. Thank you Principal Finley and... more

Bill and Dimend at Pineville High School
Powerful Message at Pineville High School

YAWI's newest participant in the Living Examples Program, Dimend Gaines, shared her testimony for the first time with 700 juniors and seniors at Pineville High School. She fought through emotions... more

Lakeside High School
Lakeside High School

YAWI had an amazing event at Lakeside High School on Tuesday, Nov. 7th. There were roughly 500 students from Lakeside High, Doyline High, and Minden High School in attendence as well as several... more


YAWI partnering with the Louisiana State Police and Sudden Impact at Holy Savior Menard Central High School. Bill Baldridge and ,living example, Dimend Gaines will bring the YAWI message to... more

YAWI partnering with the Louisiana State Police and Sudden Impact at the Avoyelles Parish Public School. For the first time, Bill Baldridge and living example Dimend Gaines will bring the YAWI... more

YAWI at Gilbert Junior High

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