My name is Bill Baldridge.  I was injured in a drinking and driving accident on Oct. 19, 1996 and hospitalized for 22 months. Two of my friends lost their lives and I eventually lost both legs due to this event. This devastation and sorrow happened in the blink of an eye and was caused by one careless decision to be irresponsible when using alcohol.  I truly believe that sharing my story is my God given purpose.  The power of communication has helped me to heal from the loss of my friends and former self.  I recognize this opportunity to help other victims by giving them an opportunity to share their stories and warn against being irresponsible when impaired.

I am passionate about my message, and the students I share it with show a much greater response than I ever anticipated they would.  I want kids to know they are important, they are valuable, and they are cared for.  Many of the kids I speak to act as if it is the first time they have ever received this type of encouragement - from anyone. The power of their reaction is tangible, and it gave me the courage and strength to walk for the first time in 20 years; a personal goal I embarked upon to demonstrate that you can achieve virtually anything, if you are willing to work for it. Their reaction gives me hope that our young people can be encouraged to overcome adversity and reach their full potential.  

In one sound bite, the YAWI movement is about empowering today's youth with information and education, with encourgament and understanding, so they have the ability to make responsible decisions that can and will change their life for the better when the time comes.

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